A Retired Couple has Decided to Book 51 back-to-back Cruises Because it is more Affordable than living in a Retirement Home



Marty and Jess Ansen have spent nearly 500 days onboard Princess Cruise Lines

Marty and Jess Ansen, a retired Australian couple, have found their passion in sea travel. They have booked 51 cruises back-to-back, spending almost 500 days sailing around the world. 

Their love for cruises is not only because of their 40-year-long experience in sea travel but also because they realized that living on a cruise is cheaper than staying in a retirement home. 

The couple's first adventure aboard the Coral Princess began in June 2022, following the lifting of COVID restrictions. 

The ship recently docked in Sydney to restock before making its way to Hawaii. Once that trip is over, they plan to board another cruise, the Crown Princess, to sail around the world once again.

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Living on a cruise has its benefits. With all their needs taken care of aboard the cruise, the couple makes a persuasive case for never getting off. 

“You have all your meals prepared, you don’t have to cook, you go to a show every evening and go dancing after the show, then you go for supper and head back to your cabin.”

To avoid cabin fever, the couple keeps themselves active throughout the day by doing separate activities. While Marty goes to the deck to play sports, Jess likes spending her time with quizzes and bingo. 

Although they are away from their families, they do have occasional reunions when they visit a port near where a relative lives.

For Marty and Jess, their life at sea is all about making the most out of every day. They have found a place in their lives where they just want to enjoy it.

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The couple realized that living on cruises is less costly than staying in a retirement home, and now they have been at sea for close to 500 days.

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