Stunning Hyperrealistic Paintings Capture People’s Surreal Connection to Beautiful Nature



Austin  Howletta New Mexico-based artist who depicts the connection between humans and their environment through his surreal paintings. His artwork shows human figures merging with natural settings in a way that is both captivating and thought-provoking. 

In some pieces, portraits are overlaid with the branches of a large tree, while in others, figures blend seamlessly with the mountains they are perched on.

According to Howlett, nature has a unique ability to make us vulnerable and encourage us to grow. This is why he feels the need to illustrate the human form blending with nature. He believes that the complexity of the human spirit at times needs the support of its natural surroundings to find balance and peace. 

He aims to inspire viewers to confront their deepest emotions, leading to better self-understanding and a more empathetic worldview.

Artist Austin Howlett creates stunning surrealist paintings.

Howlett uses surrealism to explore the relationship between people and the environment with greater versatility. Rather than depicting human figures as they appear in reality, the artist represents feelings, memories, and other ideas about nature. 

The women depicted in the artwork, who are larger than life, seem to be at peace with their surroundings, sleeping atop tree-dotted valleys and icy lakes and are completely attuned to nature.

Howlett explains that he was drawn to physicality which showed emotional vulnerability and self-reflection when he started illustrating the human form. 

Emotional vulnerability is one of the most important traits that he values in himself and others, and he chose to explore this trait as a single through line in all of his work.

The people in his paintings appear to be at one with their surroundings, sometimes even blending in with the landscape.


Their convergence with nature evokes strong emotional ties between people and nature.

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